Iberville Parish, LA Case History - Lift Station and Sewer Back Ups Solved

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Iberville Parish is located south of Baton Rouge in the state of Louisiana with a population of  33,387. Cities within the parish became important trading centers as the Bayou Plaquemine served as a natural waterway to the western interior of the state. The parish water and sewer system includes 26 lift stations, five of which are considered main lift stations within a system that operates with three different feeder stations.

The parallel design of the parish sewer system feeds wastewater into five main lift stations. It is in these main lift stations where considerable grease began to build up and cause operational problems. Grease caused drains to back up and when it was held in wet wells too long, it emitted a noxious odor. The build-up required manual clean-up of these lift stations once or twice a week. Technicians would use dip nets to remove the grease and then transport it to approved waste sites.

Jason Guidry, Senior Plant Operator, used a combination of State products including Pit Raider™ and Orange Buoy™ to reduce the build-up of greases and eliminate odor in these select lift stations. “I guess every sewer system is unique and ours required our focus at the main lift stations. That is where the grease builds up and requires time consuming, hands-on maintenance.”

Treatment reduced the amount of build-up in each of the lift stations. Maintenance of the lift stations is now scheduled once every two months - instead of twice per week.  And the new preventive maintenance allows lift stations to be cleaned, in less time, with one technician instead of two saving time and money.

According to Guidry, "We look pretty smart to our parish officials. We have far fewer complaints about sewers backing up, our odor problem is under control and maintenance is far more efficient and less aggravating."