West Providence Township, PA Case History - Maintenance Time Reduced

West Providence Township is in eastern Bedford County, in South Central Pennsylvania. The township has a total area of 38.7 square miles and according to the US Census: 3,323 people. The township has six wastewater lift stations that they continuously treat with State wastewater treatment products.

Fats, oils and greases have a continuous presence in wastewater in West Providence Township. Solids build up on floats in wet wells and must be removed to allow the pump system to operate properly. If floats aren't functioning properly, the well pumps won't start and stop correctly. Malfunctions can cause severe damage to or destruction of the pump. Reconditioning or replacing pumps is quite expensive. Manual float cleaning is time and material intensive; requiring dip nets, manual scraping and manual removal of build-up from the floats. Untreated floats can become overweight and can break from their mooring wires. With only one wastewater employee, the Township needed a system that would reduce the adverse effects of fat, oil and grease build-up in their pump stations and save the time and expense associated with this problem.

Township Board of Supervisors had worked with State Chemical in the past, buying other products from our portfolio. They consulted with State and developed a solution that included Grease-B-Gone®, PrimeZyme™ and Block Worx BCT™. Grease-B-Gone is used as a heavy-duty degreaser to initially break down the heavy build-up of fats and grease in wet wells. PrimeZyme, combined with Block Worx in manholes, is used as a pre-digester in water lines upstream from lift stations. PrimeZyme is used to reduce noxious odors.

"The State solution is like having another employee on my staff. I've cut maintenance time in our pump stations which allows me to work on other issues that are more important to my community," noted Kirk Feaster, Township Inspector. "And we have remediated the septic smell from our wells which makes our residents happy."

Consistent treatment of wastewater provides peace of mind that wells are operating properly and don't need manual intervention. Treatment also extends the time interval between regularly scheduled maintenance which saves time and allows for the more efficient use of the Township Inspector.

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