How We Work

Over 1,500 wastewater customers throughout North America rely on State’s expertise to keep their sewage collection lines, lift stations, sumps and lagoons working efficiently. Over 1,100 of those customers are municipal wastewater facilities focusing on keeping their community members safe from H2S hazards, sewer line back-ups or breaks and eliminating malodor

State’s industry-leading wastewater programs are backed by our proprietary solutions designed by our in-house Research and Development Team. With extensive research and testing, our high-performance, advanced technology has proven results in FOG and H2S reduction, odor control, lagoon maintenance, and in reducing fines, complaints and operating costs.

Our Process

After our initial consultation with operators and the collection team, we collect vital information including flow rates, temperature ranges and current or past treatment programs. We also conduct a full survey of the treatment area and infrastructure, catalog surrounding buildings and map out sewer lines. 

We analyze the collected information and provide a customized solution specific to your needs. 

Once we have agreed on a tailored solution, we will install and test all necessary equipment system-wide.

State Account Managers will be on site monthly to check the progress of the treatment, adjust if and when necessary and record all findings in a comprehensive service report provided to you. 

Our Account Managers are supported by the State Field Engineering team, our wastewater subject-matter experts dedicated to answering technical questions and providing hands-on assistance.