Demo Case History

Customer service excellence is a core value promised to the citizens by the City Manager of a fast-growing Tennessee municipality. City employees take this seriously and explore multiple solutions when challenged by the citizens to deliver on the promise. Such was the case when hydrogen sulfide (H2S), a colorless gas with the characteristic foul odor of rotten eggs, was noticed by residents in their neighborhood.

H2S is poisonous and corrosive to the sewer system. The Water Resources Department tried many ideas to remediate H2S gas - none of which worked. State Chemical proposed a solution that did.

After a thorough survey, State Chemical provided PitRaider™ and NutriPro™ chemistry in combination with a peristaltic pump system to automatically feed treatment into the wastewater collection system and area lift station. Since multiple ideas had previously failed, rigorous scientific standards were established to demonstrate that H2S remediation was working. An OdaLog® gas meter was placed in manholes to monitor the presence of H2S.

Within two weeks, H2S remediation was working. Monitoring from the OdaLog demonstrated that gas levels had changed from highly odorous to below the minimum levels of human detection. More than three years after the inaugural use of State’s remediation program H2S gas detection is unnoticed.

City and Department leadership are pleased with the success of delivering on their promise to provide the public with excellent service. The affected citizens are relieved and happy that the nuisance odors are gone. Also, State Chemical’s remediation program proved to be a true solution. Year after year, it successfully eliminates the odor and reduces the potential for corrosion.